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We worked together with Insegni Ltd to provide ongoing digital, eLearning and creative support to Cardtronics, a cash in transit company.

The work.

Standout project:

Team management simulation game
We were asked to develop a training application to teach managers at Cardtronics the core principles of good team management.

In the initial phases of the project it became clear that engagement with online training was an issue, so we developed a training game concept that utilised gamification elements to engage and support the learners.

We developed and built the game on our own ReactLS framework, and created a number of branching scenarios that would enable the learners to experience typical managerial situations and learn from their mistakes, or reinforce generic management principles.

Other Projects we’ve helped with include:

  • Virtual Reality hazard awareness game (currently in development)
  • Company values card game – concept, design and print
  • Company values standalone eLearning applications
  • A series of graphical presentations



I’ve worked together with Fireant on several projects now and always find them proactive, helpful, and enthusiastic. They are my go-to-guys when we are in need of a creative digital solution.

James Rhys-Davies, Insegni Ltd