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Odeon Limitless


The cinema fans in us were delighted when Synergy Marketing asked us to help with a competition website for Odeon. The twist? We had only 7 working days until its release.

The work.

To promote Odeon’s subscription service, Limitless – a pass that allows members to watch unlimited films at their local Odeon cinema – the Odeon team launched a
competition for one lucky movie buff to win a 10-year subscription.

Our task was to build an online quiz with a bank of 100 questions. Each entrant would then answer 20 randomly-generated questions for their chance to win.

We spoke to our friends over at WP Engine who helped us setup a super-fast and efficient WordPress cluster, which would scale based on the demand. Using Synergy Marketing’s designs, we were then able to build the most appropriate site for the brief, as well as embed some anti-cheating mechanisms to ensure that all times and scores were recorded correctly and accurately.

Working in close collaboration with Synergy Marketing and Odeon, we not only successfully completed the website within the tight timeframe, but created
something that proved very popular. In fact, Odeon liked the site so much that it featured the quiz at an internal conference.


  • WordPress
  • Scalability
  • Development
  • Creative
  • Support
  • Quiz
  • Responsive