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Fireant were asked to create a comprehensive induction programme to explain to volunteers all the aspects of being a Girlguiding unit leader across all sections (Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers). Girlguiding has over 100,000 volunteers across the commonwealth and this eLearning portal was created to teach these volunteers about the changing landscape of Girlguiding.


In the initial stages of the project, Fireant deployed a small team to go to Girlguiding HQ in London to run a discovery workshop with the L&D team. The aim was to gain an understanding of the existing Girlguiding induction programme, their brand and tone of voice, the demographics of who would be using the courseware, and provided initial ideas on how the course could be structured, how it could look, and gave an idea of style / theme etc.

Following the workshop, Fireant compiled an overview document for the course for the client to review before they started storyboarding. Because of the detail needed for the project of this size, the training needed to included 5 modules of 30 minute including a series of conceptual and explainer animations, interview videos and vox pops from Rangers and unit leaders. The storyboards including all the text were drafted and finalised before animation and filming commenced.

One of Girl Guides main concerns was that the eLearning functionality needed to be fully accessible, dynamic and mobile friendly. Fireant worked with different parts of the organisation to ensure the training was comprehensive, accurate and was written in a way that would make sense to the wide range of volunteers at Girlguiding.

Client satisfaction

The course is currently being deployed to 100,000 volunteers and Fireant are currently working on another elearning project with Girlguiding off the back of this one to educate volunteers and unit leaders about GDPR and how it affects Girlguiding. Following initial launch of the modules, of those who filled in the review form:

  • 97% agree/strongly agree ‘eLearning met learning objectives’
  • 97% agree/strongly agree ‘I will be able to apply what I have learnt within my role in Girlguiding’

A huge thanks for the fantastic work you’ve done, the time you’ve put in and your flexibility at all stages during this project. I’m super proud of what’s been developed." Anna W, Girlguiding

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