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Sasensei aim is to allow players to test their knowledge, challenge their peers and submit their own questions for others to enjoy. Sasensei is constantly improving by adding new features which contribute to the players experience and increased educational value.


Fireant collaborated with Sasensei to redevelop gamification in a new question-based learning system. You must demonstrate your command of SAS® to earn Tokens, which should be strategically invested, to enable you to unlock new levels within the game. Drawing from the SAS community to add and populate the question banks, the platform is flushed with new content continuously.

Fireant aided Sasensei on a conceptual level as well as the through the development of the systems instructional and graphic design.

Client satisfaction

“Sasensei is a fantastic place to test your knowledge and to learn new things about SAS."
Tim Webster,
SAS Metadata and ETL developer.

“It’s so refreshing and challenging! Should be a daily brain routine for all SAS programmers."
Leonid Batkhan,
SAS Institute consultant and blogger.

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