Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology

Fireant was tasked with creating conceptual elearning for the purpose of teaching anatomy and physiology to the pharmaceutical sales team at Chiesi Pharmaceuticals.


Pharmaceutical Training


Chiesi Pharmaceuticals






The training needed to be understandable with no prerequisite. It would cover the topics and physiology of the drugs that would be sold by the sales reps.


The challenge was to explain and visualise the physiological actions and effects of the drugs but produce them in a human, consistent, simplified yet engaging way that anyone from doctors to junior sale reps could understand.

To achieve this we researched anatomy and physiology to get a good grasp on the subject matter. Then we storyboarded and designed a series of conceptual animations working with the subject matter experts at Chiesi to ensure the accuracy and applicability on what we had written. The designs were produced into fully fledged animations then was all wrapped up in an easy to use elearning interface of 12 modules covering all aspects of COPD and Asthma from diagnosis to treatment.

In addition, we have developed a completely bespoke Anatomy & Physiology course containing animations and video to enhance the learning material for the user.

Client satisfaction

The training is now used by all new starters at Chiesi as well as a refresher. The client was incredibly pleased with the results and we are looking to extend the physiology series.