A hands-on approach to developing your soft skills through game-based learning.

What are Serious Games?

When you hear the ‘serious games’, it seems like an Oxymoron, right? Serious games don’t eliminate the fun from gameplay; however, they just change the outcome as it allows the user to learn, improve and apply different soft skills.

Serious games allow you to gain experience through story-telling, interactive plots and bespoke content that we create, for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. You can improve your soft skills in a virtual environment, where you can safely tackle problems, and then you can apply this learning to real-world scenarios.

Many organisations incorporate a very linear form of learning, whereas serious games can provide you with non-linear experiences, which allow the user to think about strategies differently.

Personalised program

To create serious games, we write the content and build the story for your game, based on your requirements and pre-decided learning outcome. Our creation process allows our team to create bespoke games for a fraction of the cost of other bespoke serious games. Now you can incorporate good quality eLearning into your organisation, and work on the skills you need to succeed.

Developing your soft skills

Using our framework, we can build bespoke serious games for any topic so you can improve employee soft skills in a creative and engaging way.
• Team building
• Wellbeing
• Interpersonal skills
• Problem-solving
• Adaptability
• Management/leadership
• Communication