Synergy Social Wall

Synergy Social Wall

Fireant were asked by award winning Bristol agency Synergy Creative to build a bespoke product used by Synergy’s clients at events and to support internal comms campaigns.


Bespoke application


Synergy Creative




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The brief was to build a social sharing platform with the functionality of a Facebook wall which would be a closed system, secure and available only to internal employees. Because of the confidential nature of the meetings and topics that were being discussed this ruled out normal social media channels so Synergy approached Fireant to build a completely bespoke application that could only be used by their clients’ employees.


During the development process, it was necessary to write custom javascript that was built using the angular framework. The application was designed with the ability to upload a list of users that could access the system. They would be able to share posts, pictures and ideas with others involved with the event. It was a priority of Fireant’s and Synergies that the platform was a secure and GDPR compliant, allowing all users to have a freedom to share information in the knowledge their data was secure.

Collaborative process

We initially held a discovery workshop to create a shared understanding of the brief with Synergy. This allowed us to create a set of wireframes which gave the client a deeper understanding of the platforms capabilities and potential user journeys.

Synergy applied these wireframes to create design templates which in turn was given to us to create the content and the ultimately built the application using javascript and the Angular framework. The client then tested the application in a simulated environment before releasing to clients in late 2017.

Client satisfaction

The social wall has been used successfully in multiple circumstances and sold to clients 4 times. Synergy is now able to deploy the app, without our support. There are continued improvement and development of the product. There have also been plans made to market and sell the application more this year.