Unite Students provides purpose built student accommodation across the United Kingdom. Founded in Bristol in 1991 it now boasts around 50,000 housed students in 140 buildings across the UK. Today it still remains the UK’s biggest provider of student accommodation by capacity.


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More than just a project

Unite Students initially brought Fireant in as support for their L&D team, and to consult on eLearning strategy and technology. During the consultancy we managed the development of their LMS, trained the L&D team, built a number of templates and produced full courses on a range of soft skills. From working so closely with Unite Students we understood that they wanted to create a more dynamic workplace for their employees.

Career Pathway

Our solution was to produce a Career Pathway for all the Unite Students workforce. The bespoke software was integrated with their existing intranet and included linked provided to us by Unite Students. The purpose of the project was to educate employees not just on the potential career moves they could make within the company, but the work and skillsets of their fellow co-workers. The tool was built to encourage Unite Students employees to take on training and start planning a career path of their own.

As part of the consultancy, we identified some of the main issues with employee training and engagement, and designed a solution. As a result we rolled out elearning across all departments, this meant reviewing and developing bespoke LMS for Unite Students to engage over 1000 employees. We also provided training on storyline to optimise engagement and boost employee education. For the project, we expanded the remit, produced bespoke templates and helped with creative digital solutions throughout the company.

Operations Manual

Efficiency is integral to a company as large as Unite Students and we knew that their employees had the potential to work far more economically than they were under their current system. This used Sharepoint to store documents and manage content. So we created a bespoke operations manual to categorize articles and distribute their content, making finding the information you need quick and easy. This digital version of the team’s extensive operations manual incorporated the content given to us by Unite Students and combined it with original design and formatting. The reviewed search bar was perfect for the fast pace environment at Unite Students, any member of staff can now include multiple tags within one search.