Chatbots are becoming the hallmark of great customer service. By the end of this year, 85% of our interactions with businesses will be handled by AI bots. You must have also conversed with chatbots while buying something from online stores or visiting a website. They are quite common, and you can find them almost in every place nowadays.

However, the benefits of chatbots are not just limited to eCommerce or online businesses. Used the right way, they have the potential to transform any realm that depends on interaction. In this regard, have you ever thought how chatbots could revolutionize eLearning?

I bet you didn’t! And that’s what this post is about.

Let’s see how chatbots can help you deliver the best learning experience to your employees or students.

Making Way for Personalized Learning

Students learn at their own pace. Employees, too, have their duties to fulfill apart from learning.

Chatbots can be the ideal solution to offer flexibility to your students. The AI bots can release materials and chapters gradually, as the learner finishes his assignments one after another. Deep learning is here to stay.

Chatbots can also learn about its users and adapt to the needs of individual students. You can program it to teach anything under the sun and provide 24/7 assistance to your students.

And the best of all, you don’t even need a human teacher for the task!

Resolving Queries and Providing Content

In a business scenario, chatbots can boost response times by handling almost 80% of routine customer queries. Now, think what it could do for you and your students!

Chatbots are perfect for resolving common questions that students always ask. Learners can just type in their questions in the chat box and get instant replies in a conversational manner. Chatbots can also link to knowledge bases and educational content automatically when required to help out your students.

The whole process makes learning fast and efficient. Your employees or students don’t have to sit around all day for the trainer or teacher to get answers. They can use chatbots, resolve their queries, and move on with their learning.

Carry Out Assessments and Quizzes

You can help your students cut down the tension and take assessments through chatbots. The AI bots can be programmed to deliver online tests at the right time to the right students. Apart from learning at their own pace, the students also get to test their knowledge when they are ready.

Chatbots can also carry out quizzes, check homework, track mistakes, and assign assessments. They can work with a large number of students simultaneously without anyone having to wait.

Track and Evaluate Student Performance

Chatbots can not only provide assessments but also help you gauge student performance. The AI bots can process a huge amount of data almost instantly to give quick feedback to students. They can also track performance, check online answer sheets, and do more with high precision.

You can even use chatbots to gather feedback about your learning program. You can program them to ask quick questions at the end of modules or assignments to evaluate your course.

Best of all, you don’t even need to use a separate software or program. Your existing LMS can be incorporated with chatbots to carry out all advanced functionalities.

Advancing the Tenets of Social Learning

Learning has gone social a long time back! Teachers use various interactive techniques and group assignments to encourage engagement and interaction between the students. Interestingly, chatbots can help out here too!

Chatbots can work with individual students and groups. As a result, it can become the perfect platform for students to share ideas, opinions, and views. In a workplace, this can go a long way to build acceptance and a thriving work culture.

In the case of schools or colleges, chatbots can unite students from different social backgrounds and nationalities. They can be the ideal tool to create a favorable learning environment where everyone respects one another.

Chatbots can be used and integrated with eLearning to create endless possibilities. You only have the limit of your imagination when it comes to the usability of chatbots in learning. Maybe you already have some cool ideas in your head and are waiting to get your hands on a chatbot programmer!

The Benefits of Chatbots for eLearning

A chatbot can serve as a committed teacher bent on improving the performance of his students. It can provide onboard training, resolve student queries, and deliver the right material according to student needs. That generates quite a few benefits for employers and learning institutions-

Saves time and money: Chatbots can help businesses save 30% of customer support costs. You can expect the same results and save on teacher’s wages or salaries. Chatbots also help you save time by automating a big part of the learning process.

Teach 24/7: Chatbots don’t need to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom! Your students can access learning and assistance round the clock without any restrictions.

Interactive learning: Chatbots pave the way for interactive learning. Your students don’t need to sit through boring lectures and can learn at their own pace. Needless to say, that makes learning more efficient and long-lasting.

Mobile-friendly learning: Chatbots can help you extend your mobile learning endeavor by creating a seamless communication system. Your students can get assistance on their mobiles and lear even on-the-go.

Chatbots are just like virtual teachers without the limits we humans have. They never tire, make mistakes, or get angry; they only help students to learn better and faster.