The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and embracing new technologies so that patients can get the best services available. The mobile learning industry, for instance, is worth a whopping $5.3 billion today.

While m-learning or mobile learning has been there for a while now, video-based m-learning is the new game changer. It has created a stir in the field of education, making knowledge much more accessible. You have more demand today for instructional animations and explainer animations.

That is a huge advantage for medical professionals or trainees who can educate themselves while gaining practical experience. Gartner estimates that the mobile workforce is going to triple soon, a reason you just cannot ignore effective methods like video-based m-learning.

Key Challenges in Training for Pharmaceuticals

The healthcare industry can be tough at times. There are some challenges that are faced by medical professionals all over the world. Here are a few of them.

1. Cost

While healthcare has different tiers when it comes to pricing, it is generally on the more expensive side..

Healthcare professionals fresh from medical school may not want to keep spending money on extra courses. E-learning healthcare can solve this problem with affordable online training solutions, including instructional animations and explainer animations.

2. Time Constraints

Enrolling in a medical school means signing up for 4-5 years of education. However, medical professionals cannot stop. There are new advancements and technologies are being introduced every day. Patients are no longer happy to get old-school treatments.

Professionals need to stay up-to-date when it comes to developing new skills. M-learning can be a wonderful solution, offering a responsive mobile first design, and tailored for the pharma industry. You can learn when you want, as you want.

3. Regulations:

Healthcare professionals need to abide by governmental regulations, and medical offices need to invest in employee and development.

These laws are being updated all the time, and M-learning makes learning them simpler. Explainer animations ensure it’s easy to remember what’s new in the pharma industry. Trained employees have improved productivity, and translate to a better patient service experience as well.

4. Reduce Employee Stress

Being able to manage stress can help healthcare professionals do more. After all, there are no job timings that you can adhere to if you really want to flourish in the field.

If healthcare professionals cannot meet these demands, they choose to leave the profession. M-learning will educate more people about medicine so that they can manage their job responsibilities better.

Short, Sweet and Great: Explainer Animations

M-learning or mobile-learning has emerged to be a successful method of gaining education over the past few years. Here is how you can benefit.

  • M-learning uses both auditory and visual cues to ensure faster learning.
  • As a healthcare professional, you are able to perceive the data better.
  • You learn digitally, and can listen and view the information at the same time.
  • You see the important points on the screen, and hear the explanation over audio.
  • Explainer animations mean that it’s easier to remember the important details – with a pictorial imprint.
  • The series of explainer animations and videos are short and to the point, so that you can complete one at a time.
  • The short length of the instructional animations and videos can also help you stop from being overwhelmed.

You do not have to drag around heavy books every time you want to learn something new or master a skill. You can sit and study as you want – all you need is a smart device like your smartphone.