For our October Lunchtime Lecture we had the wonderful Philippa Haynes hosting. Philippa is a brand strategy consultant working with companies in technology, creative and manufacturing who want to transform their business’.

We have personally worked with Philippa on several occasions and what makes her so unique as a brand consultant is the is the ways she approaches your business, the questions she asks and the fact she doesn’t shy away from giving you genuine action points to grow your business from the very first meeting.

In her lecture she covered the basics of how to develop your company vision and most importantly how to package it up to be a powerful brand message. She goes on to highlight the importance of this to ensure employee engagement, successful recruitment of future talent and your companies growth among other things.

Her main takeaways from the talk were:
– How to position your business in the market by finding your niche and how demonstrating why your services are unique is the first step to creating your brand message
– Ensuring that your niche is clear and purposeful in the market and then being able to identify your target customer
– Create your company culture, value and beliefs. These are things that will set you apart from other business’
– And lastly give targeted benefit to employee and customer

If you’re interested in hearing more about brand vision check out our podcast on Philippa’s lecture to get all the insights, coming shortly to this page.