After a short break over August, our second Lunchtime Lecture was sure to pack a punch with the powerhouse that is Jo Duncan hosting and talking about all things content marketingy.

Jo is the founder of Bristol based content marketing agency Lean Content. She is also the author of ‘Lean Content Marketing,’ published on Amazon (feel free to check it out, link below). We have known Jo for a while now as she has been a resident of the Ant Farm since the summer and we can’t recommend her enough. Her philosophies are tried and tested from years in the industry. She is a big believer in ‘less is more,’ and she advocates a lean approach to digital marketing, advising her clients on how to save time, money and produce better results in the process.

Jo preaches that great content has the power to positions your brand as a thought-leader, improves audience engagement and tackles industry problems. Throughout the talk Jo highlighted the struggles of today’s marketers saying that “it’s tempting to feel that content marketing should be an ongoing, omni-channel activity. The pressure on your marketing team to ‘get stuff out there’ can feel overwhelming, even though spreading your message thinly won’t generate leads.” Ultimately, how can you stop spending time on content that doesn’t win you business, and use a leaner approach to marketing?

So, go forth and make tactical decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts, gain a new actionable philosophy to help you cut through the digital deluge and ultimately save your marketing team time and money. Stop investing in content that doesn’t win you business, and instead use a leaner approach to marketing. Less really is more.

If this sounds like your kind of marketing it’s not too late to hear Jo’s talk our Lunchtime Lecture podcast will be uploaded shortly to this page.

Get your copy of Lean Content Marketing by Jo Duncan here

Words by Jo Duncan and Evie Akerman.